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TTC to crack down on fare evasion with introduction of new streetcars: report

Eighteen new fare inspectors will go to work on the TTC in late August in an effort to combat fare evasion, according to the National Post.

The new staff comes in conjunction with the rollout of new streetcars and the introduction of a year-round “POP” system on the 510 Spadina streetcar.

“POP,” or proof-of-payment, allows riders to board the streetcar at any door without showing proof of payment to the driver. Riders must show proof if an inspector boards the vehicle. It is currently used on the 501 Queen line between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

However, there’s concern the practice isn’t being monitored properly, leading to some riders who cheat the system.

The report revealed that fare evasion is costing the TTC about $20 million annually.

Also, the National Post reports that one in five streetcars are currently out for repairs.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told the newspaper the number of vehicles in maintenance is high, but it does reflect the fact that the fleet has reached its 30-year shelf life.

New streetcars will start rolling on the 510 Spadina line in late August, and eventually all 247 streetcars will be replaced by 204 of the newer models.

All new streetcars will use a POP system.