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TV Blog Buzz: 'Game of Thrones' as an 1980s sitcom; 'HIMYM' alternate ending

With the big “Game of Thrones” season 4 premiere airing this week, an enterprising designer decided to reimagine the bawdy, blood-filled drama as a 1980s sitcom, cheesy intro, laugh track and all.

Unfortunately, the clip is only about 90 seconds long, of which most is devoted to the opening credits.

Too bad, because the 15 seconds or so that we get to see of Jaime Lannister walking in on Tyrion Lannister and a prostitute, backed by the howls of a studio audience, is pitch perfect.



There will be no more “Simpsons” movies, insists executive producer Al Jean. But he says the show, which has been on the air for a stupefying 25 years, may just now be reaching middle age.

Jean says the cartoon isn’t getting cancelled or retired any time soon and could conceivably go on for decades.

“In show business you always treat every day as your last, but we’re guaranteed through 26 (seasons),” he tells the New Zealand Herald.

“The deals are usually in instalments of four and the ratings are good, so I can’t see why we wouldn’t go to 30 … and why can’t we go to 40 or even 50.”

One thing’s pretty much for sure, the Simpson family would not age with time.

“One reason we have been on for 25 years is that if Bart was 30 years old and living with Homer it would be pathetic,” Jean says.

“You basically have this template where people turn on the show and they’re seeing the same thing they did five years ago and you’re exploring new issues.”



Many “How I Met Your Mother” fans still aren’t over the buzzkill finale that some felt ruined the series.

Even though the downer ending had been predicted well in advance and wasn’t a shock to many fanatics who had been theorizing how the comedic drama would end, there are some who just refuse to accept the way the show ended.

One fan has done some creative editing to reframe the show’s goodbye on a brighter note. While still a tear-jerker, some fans think it’s a more appropriate way to wrap up the story.