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Union Station should be renamed, councillor says

He was one of the fathers of Confederation and Canada’s first prime minister, but at least one councillor is vocally opposed to the idea of renaming Toronto’s iconic Union Station after Sir John A. MacDonald.

“I don’t think you obliterate history to honour history,” Coun. Adam Vaughan said Tuesday after the executive committee adopted a motion from Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong to consider the renaming.

The station is currently undergoing a major make-over, with a rail-line being built to Pearson in time for the Pan Am Games in 2015.

A city staff report will be presented on July 2 and there will be public meetings so people can weigh in on the potential change.

“He’s the George Washington of Canada,” Minnan-Wong noted. “He deserves recognition.”

“He was also known for building a railway from coast to coast and in terms of having a significant monument named after him, I think Union Station is entirely appropriate.”

The idea was met with derision on Twitter with @gterra16 calling it a “terrible idea” and a “waste of money” and @alimjiwa saying, ” that is a profoundly moronic suggestion.”

Coun. Vaughan added that he ‘s not against something being named after for MacDonald, just not Union Station. Instead, something new and unnamed would be a better candidate.

MacDonald’s bicentennial will be in January of 2015.

Should Union Station be renamed after Sir John A. MacDonald? Let us know in the comments.