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Toronto man wins $30M in LottoMax draw

Vincent (Tony) Charlemagne of Toronto picked up his cheque for $30,350,652.50 from the August 2, 2013 LOTTO MAX draw at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto on Friday, November 29, 2013

A three month wait has paid off for a Toronto man.

Tony Charlemagne picked up his $30-million cheque at the OLG prize centre downtown on Friday.

It’s from the August 2 LottoMax draw.

The self-employed contractor had to prove his identity before he could get the cash.

The winning ticket was originally signed with the first name he has commonly used for many years which is Tony but his legal first name is actually Vincent.

He said it was a long process but he wasn’t worried and the wait has made getting his cheque today that much sweeter.

Originally from St. Lucia, Tony said he and his wife will probably buy a new house and a new car and visit family and friends in St. lucia.

He bought the ticket at M & D Variety on Main Street.

Friday night’s Lotto Max jackpot is $50-million with 10 max-millions prizes of $1-million each.