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Music reporter Rudy Blair takes part in judging Argo cheerleader tryout finals

TORONTO, Ont. – Joining Juno-award winning Canadian artist Kardinal Offishal, 680News music reporter Rudy Blair was one of the judges at the Argo cheerleader tryout finals Saturday.

The competition for the finals was fierce, according to Blair, who spoke to Offishal about the the decisions they made.

“It was so, so, so difficult, I mean our jobs this afternoon are super hard,” Offishal said. “I think we made the right choices and chose some good girls to represent for the Argos.”

The cheerleaders will be representing a championship Argo squad, and Offishal said that makes it a tough task.

“The Argos won in Toronto for the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, so it’s really a big deal and all eyes are on the Argos this year,” Offishal said.