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CRTC begins debate about 'code of conduct' for wireless industry

Canada’s broadcast and telecom regulator, the CRTC, will begin a debate Monday on a proposed ‘code of conduct’ for the wireless industry.

The CRTC is aiming for a set of national standards for the contest and clarity of cellphone contracts, among other things.

Some of the hot-button issues being worked on include roaming fees, locked handsets and three-year contracts.

There will be at least a week of public hearings which will take place in Gatineau, Quebec.

The commission says it has already received a significant amount of feedback from Canadians in putting together the draft version of the national code for wireless services.

So far the regulator hasn’t taken up the idea to get rid of three-year contracts, instead looking at the early termination fees and ways to allow the consumer to cancel the service at any time.

The commission is looking for a balance between long-term contracts which subsidize the upfront cost of smartphones.

The CRTC is also looking at the idea to cap the costs of additional fees like text messaging, data and roaming charges.