TORONTO, Ont. – TTC CEO Andy Byford will meet with his Bombardier counterpart on Friday to discuss a problem with the doors on the new “Rocket” subway trains that is causing major delays.

The issue has to do with the sensitivity of the system that controls the opening and closing of the doors. If the doors can’t shut properly after three attempts, the entire train — which holds six cars – must be taken out of service.

Byford will meet Bombardier president Raymond Bachant to talk about possible solutions.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said Tuesday that something as small as a coffee cup can cause the doors to not close completely, signaling the system to repeat the door open and close function.

Ross described the door issue as a “teething” problem.

The TTC has received 27 trains from Montreal-based Bombardier. Eventually, there will be 70 new trains in the fleet.

Bombardier is also building 204 new low-floor streetcars for the transit commission. The streetcars are air-conditioned and have more seating capacity, larger windows and room to accommodate bikes, at a cost of $1-billion.