Bell Canada has banned poinsettias at its Mississauga, Ont., campus after an employee complained about being allergic to the plant.

The poinsettias have to be removed from the office space by Dec. 21.

680News got some reaction from local residents, and while some have called this an overreaction and a festive downer, others said personal health should be a top priority.

“Taking care of the person’s health — I don’t have any disagreement with it,” one man said.

Some equated this to the peanut butter ban in many schools in Canada.

“I think it’s reasonable because if you’re going to ban other substances just because someone is allergic, what makes poinsettias any different?,” another man asked.

Bell Canada officials said they’ve always had a ‘no live plant’ policy at its Mississauga campus, but this is the first time that it’s been enforced.