One of the biggest shopping days in America is quickly approaching, with Black Friday taking place the day after American Thanksgiving.

American Thanksgiving takes place on November 22, when, similar to here in Canada, families gather together to give thanks and have a special meal.

Black Friday, which is generally considered the start of the holiday shopping season in America, involves stores opening extra early and offering promotional sales.

While it is not an official holiday, many non-retail employers give their employees the day off so that they too can partake in the shopping frenzy.

The deals offered are often compared to those of Boxing Day, with some analysts saying retailers may actually earn more money on Black Friday.

As you may expect, border crossings will be very busy on Black Friday.

There will be several methods available for motorists to check wait times and obtain up-to-date information concerning traffic flow.

Border-crossing agencies will offer this information through a host of sources including the Internet, Twitter, toll-free phone lines and radio broadcasts.

The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission would also like to remind motorists they can take advantage of NEXUS, including the NEXUS-only travel lane at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

Officials also remind people to cross during non-peak times, with peaks expected in the late morning-early afternoons heading into the United States, and late afternoons-evenings returning to Canada.

“We always want the word to get out if you can travel at off-peak hours, even by an hour or two, you can help speed your crossings,” said NFBC General Manager Lew Holloway. “Having proper identification and receipts for purchases ready to pass to the Customs Officer will help move people through faster.”

All travellers to the United States should remember to bring a valid passport or another approved secure document at the border. Acceptable forms of identification for both U.S. entry and re-entry into Canada include a passport, a NEXUS card, a Free and Secure Trade (FAST) card and an enhanced driver’s license.