TORONTO, Ont. – New Democrat MP Olivia Chow isn’t ruling out a run for mayor of Toronto in 2014.

During a news conference in Toronto on Tuesday, she acknowledged that she’s been hearing from more and more people who are urging her to run against Ford, and that she is “listening to them.”

Also, at a media event on Friday, she told reporters a lot of people have been asking to run and while she’s not necessarily considering it, she hasn’t shut the door completely.

Chow was a Toronto city councillor from 1991 to 2005 — pre-and-post-amalgamation — before switching to federal politics in 2006.

At Tuesday’s news conference, she also pointed out that Toronto is where she grew up, and that she and her late husband, former NDP leader Jack Layton, love the city and that her “job is to make sure we have a vibrant, sustainable city where no one is left behind.”

According to the Toronto Sun, a Forum Research poll conducted in the spring found Chow would beat Ford in a two-way race, with 58 per cent of Toronto residents saying they would vote for her.