TORONTO, Ont. – A private member’s bill won approval in the House of Commons that would toughen criminal laws to protect war memorials.

Conservative MP Eve Adams visited Coronation Park Tuesday, where a war memorial was vandalized on Remembrance Day.

The memorial was defaced on Sunday with the words “Canada will burn praise Allah” in permanent black marker.

“That somebody would want to go out and vandalize something that is a tribute to Canadian heroism is truly despicable,” Adams said. “It really is the lowest of the low.”

“This really is appalling,” she said. “You can go out and make any silly statement you would like as long you’re not infringing upon other people’s rights, as long as you’re not damaging property.”

The bill, which passed its third reading, would carry a $1,000 minimum fine for a first offence and calls for a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

“Most Canadians think that there should be more serious consequences if you’re going to desecrate or vandalize a war monument,” Adams said.

City workers removed the graffiti on Monday.

The act was denounced by the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.