TORONTO, Ont. – Scores of cyclists briefly blocked traffic Friday evening where a Toronto bicycle courier was fatally struck to honour the cyclist.

A 56-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital in serious condition Wednesday after he was hit by a taxi in the city’s core. He sustained severe head injuries. The cyclist died in hospital.

The taxi driver remained at the site of the collision. So far, no charges have been laid.

Police have not identified the bicycle courier. But according to a Toronto-area bicycle messenger group’s Facebook page, the victim is Mike Rankin.

“All friends and messengers (current and past) and cyclists will have a chance to remember this quiet, gentle soul that was taken away from us far too early,” a post on the Toronto Bike Messenger Association Facebook page said.

“Let’s show our love for Mike and show Toronto that we all need to watch out for each other, regardless if you are a cyclist or driver or pedestrian.”

On Friday, dozens of cyclists briefly blocked northbound traffic at University Avenue and Richmond Street. Candles, flowers and a bicycle helmet were rested near the intersection in a roadside memorial. A flyer with Rankin’s photograph was secured to a pole.

According to CityNews, the cyclists were upset that Rankin’s belongings were not returned to his family but rather left strewn across the roadway and dumped in a nearby trash can.