All it takes is your licence, health card and a credit card and you don’t even have to talk to anyone.

But the conveinence of Service Ontario’s kiosks are useless right now because they’ve been shut down since early June because of a security breach.

The provincial government is still looking into the issue and doesn’t know when the 72 machines across the province will re-open.

The investigation into how to deal with the security breach is in its fourth month.

Government spokesperson John Freson said the information privacy commissioner was notified as a precaution and there is no indicaiton that personal details were compromised.

“From the onset there was no indication that any personal details that are held by the government of Ontario were compromised,” Freson explained.

Freson told 1310news though all 72 kiosks remain shut down people seem to be using Service Ontario’s online services more than the centres.

“We’ve been closely monitoring the lineups and the levels at nearby service ontario counters. We’ve not seen a significant increase in the wait times,” Freson said.

There’s been no word on when the kiosks will re open, but the minister of government services is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.