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Two arrested during G20 summit were police officers, RCMP watchdog says

The watchdog that keeps an eye on the national police force has found that two people arrested during the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010 were plain-clothesed police officers.

The commission for public complaints against the RCMP released its long-awaited investigation report Monday.

Abby Deshman from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association told 680News one of the most shocking things from the report is that new information about the kettling incident at Queen and Spadina.
“And they say the arrested them because they thought they posed threats…. unbeknownst to them, two out of five of those people (who were arrested) were plain-clothesed police officers.”

Meanwhile, the commission deemed the RCMP acted in a “reasonable and appropriate” fashion during the summit.

The report said there were no incidents of unreasonable force by the mounties during the violence and mass arrests.

But, the commission recommends better co-ordination between the RCMP and other forces at future events.

“There (are) obviously many events that are not addressed in the report because the commission said the RCMP weren’t there,” Deshman said. “There (are) also many events where they said they were ordered to do so by Toronto police major incident command centre.”

The commission launched its public-interest probe after more than two dozen complaints about the mounties’ role.

Deshman said they would like to see accountablitly front-and-centre when planning major policing events like the G20.

More reports on police activity during the G20 summit are expected including the independent inquiry called for by the Toronto Police Services Board.