Find Mike Flash!

Mike Flash can be found everyday on the homepage of 680News! Click on Mike and he’ll send to you a different page on the 680News website where he’ll have his daily bonus code you can enter in the 680News Insider Club to earn credits for your chance to win great prizes from 680News!

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Meet Mike Flash!

Since an early age, Mike knew he was destined to work in radio and had a natural knack for the position. With his winning smile and great personality Mike has had no trouble securing some fantastic interviews over the years – people just seem to want to talk to him, and talk, and talk and talk.

Mike comes to 680News as our roving website reporter – checking out different pages on every day, letting our listeners know about the great articles and content on along with giving Insider Club members chances to earn credits and win great prizes! Everyone at 680News is thrilled to have Mike join our team.