About Us

680 NEWS is Toronto’s only all news radio station, providing immediate and essential updates to more than 1.3 Million listeners each week. With the largest radio newsroom in the country and staffed by a team of award-winning journalists, 680 NEWS delivers the information you need, when you need it. News, traffic, weather and business information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


#1 in Breaking News

Toronto’s only live 24 hour radio station, 680 NEWS delivers news as it happens, whenever it happens, day or night. Their team of award-winning reporters provide Toronto’s most complete round-the-clock local news coverage. When news breaks, 680 NEWS is there to put it all together.


#1 in Traffic and Weather

Real-time traffic and weather reports every ten minutes, every hour, every day. Comprehensive traffic monitoring, including airborne traffic during morning and afternoon rush hour live from Chopper 680. A ‘seasoned’ team of meteorologists stand behind their famous weather guarantee™.


#1 in Business

Toronto’s most frequent business reports at :26 and :56 past every hour and Market Minutes at :13 and :43 during the trading day. Breaking news from many of the world’s biggest stock markets including Toronto, New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Right from the opening bell, 680 NEWS is your source for live up-to-the-minute market analysis.


#1 in Sports

In-depth reports at :15 and :45 past every hour direct from Toronto’s #1 sports station, Sportsnet 590 the Fan. All your local scores, roster changes, management shake-ups and controversial calls. Whether it’s Leafs, Raptors, Argos, Jays or Toronto FC, 680 NEWS has you covered.

News Team
Amber LeBlanc News Director @amber680News amber.leblanc@rci.rogers.com
Paul Cook News anchor, morning & Managing editor @Cook680News Paul.Cook@rci.rogers.com
Catherine Jetté News anchor, morning @Jette680News Catherine.Jette@rci.rogers.com
Jill Taylor Meteorologist @jilltaylor680 jill.taylor@rci.rogers.com
Halina Balka Traffic reporter, morning @680newstraffic Halina.Balka@rci.rogers.com
Mike Eppel Senior business editor @eppman Mike.Eppel@rci.rogers.com
Carl Hanstke Reporter, morning @carl680 Carl.Hanstke@rci.rogers.com
Samantha Knight News editor, morning samantha.knight@rci.rogers.com
Jaime Pulfer Reporter @Pulfer680News Jaime.Pulfer@rci.rogers.com
John Stall Reporter, morning @Stall680news John.Stall@rci.rogers.com
Geoff Rohoman Reporter @roho680 Geoff.Rohoman@rci.rogers.com
Mike Leach Technical producer, morning @MLeach680News Mike.Leach@rci.rogers.com
Marlane Oliver News anchor, afternoon @moliver680news Marlane.Oliver@rci.rogers.com
Neetu Seupersadsingh News editor, afternoon Neetu.Seupersadsingh@rci.rogers.com
Natasha Ramsahai Meteorologist, 680 NEWS & CityNews @CityNatasha Natasha.Ramsahai@citynews.rogers.com
Kerry Prunskus Traffic reporter & news anchor @680newstraffic Kerry.Prunskus@rci.rogers.com
Richard Southern Business editor, reporter @richard680news Richard.Southern@rci.rogers.com
Charlene Close Reporter, midday/afternoon @Close680News Charlene.Close@rci.rogers.com
Kevin Misener Reporter, Afternoon @Misener680News Kevin.Misener@rci.rogers.com
Irene Preklet Reporter @Irene680News Irene.Preklet@rci.rogers.com
John Bowles Audio Editor, Midday John.Bowles@rci.rogers.com
Alex Bloomfield Reporter / News Anchor @AlexBloomers Alex.Bloomfield@rci.rogers.com
Alex Seixeiro Sportscaster @alexfan590 alex.seixeiro@rci.rogers.com
Andrew Nie Sportscaster, midday @NieSN590 Andrew.Nie@rci.rogers.com
Anne Lavrih Newsroom coordinator/editor Anne.Lavrih@rci.rogers.com
Christine Langos Traffic reporter @680newstraffic Christine.Langos@rci.rogers.com
Christine Richey Anchor and business reporter Christine.Richey@rci.rogers.com
Colette Desjardins Traffic reporter @680newstraffic Colette.Desjardins@rci.rogers.com
Colin Robertson News editor @Colin680News Colin.Robertson@rci.rogers.com
Cormac MacSweeney Parliament Hill reporter @cmaconthehill Cormac.MacSweeney@rci.rogers.com
Diana Pereira Manager, Digital News @dianapereira Diana.Pereira@rci.rogers.com
Eva Fragiskatos Reporter @EvaFragiskatos Eva.Fragiskatos@rci.rogers.com
Fil Martino Reporter Fil.Martino@rci.rogers.com
Harold Hosein Meteorologist Harold.Hosein@rci.rogers.com
James Munroe Anchor, Afternoon Drive James.Munroe@rci.rogers.com
Jeffrey Halpenny Traffic reporter @680newstraffic Jeffrey.Halpenny@rci.rogers.com
Jordan Kerr Traffic reporter Jordan.Kerr@rci.rogers.com
Kris McCusker Business editor, Midday @Kris680News Kris.McCusker@rci.rogers.com
Michael Gibbons Editor Michael.Gibbons@rci.rogers.com
Momin Qureshi Reporter & Editor @Momin680News Momin.Qureshi@rci.rogers.com
Sarah Parrott News anchor @680newstraffic Sarah.Parrott@rci.rogers.com
Scott Burnett News anchor @scooterjb101 Scott.Burnett@rci.rogers.com
Sladjana Tamindzic News anchor, midday @ImSladjana Sladjana.Tamindzic@rci.rogers.com
Steve Burghardt Audio editor Steve.Burghardt@rci.rogers.com