680 NEWS Internships

“Connecting you to radio professionals since 2003”

We offer interns an immersive newsroom experience, with designated Hot Weeks focused on specific departments. This weekly rotation ensures broad exposure to the various roles and responsibilities in a radio newsroom.

*** No volunteers are accepted, only placements for school credit and graduation requirements ***

Intern Responsibilities

  • Gathering sound and commentary from events and attendees
  • Editing audio and producing projects using Burli newsroom software
  • Combing the newswire for relevant content and adapting it
  • Engaging with social media to discover breaking news and trends
  • Monitoring other sources ( TV & Radio ) for possible leads
  • Writing and updating stories to maintain up to the minute accuracy
  • Verifying information by contacting local services and officials
  • Vetting possible leads submitted via the phone, e-mail etc.

Hot Weeks

Below is an overview of the rotation you will undertake as part of an 8 week internship.

Week 1 – Audio
Learn the fundamentals of acquiring, processing and dispatching audio. Along with exposure to copy editing and industry standard software, you will engage with various broadcast systems.
Week 2 – 680 News University
Mandatory boot camp covering topics from the phone systems, recording booths, reporter tools and etiquette, even the 680 news wheel and industry expectations.
Week 3 – Reporters
Roam the field with a reporter as they go live from the scenes. Hone your news sense, exercise quick judgement, and navigate the concrete jungle as you chase the story.
Week 4 – Editors
Further your judgement and storytelling as you pair with editors to prepare lineups in real time. Gain insight into the delicate art of orchestrating a live newscast, on the hour, every hour.
Week 5 – Anchors
Enter master control to see how anchors bring the newscast to life. Delve into the stories as anchors, editors and reporters co-ordinate on the fly to immerse listeners in the broadcast.
Week 6 – Technical Production
Take the hot seat alongside a drive time producer, operating the systems that connect reporters, audio effects, and even the commercials to get us there on time.
Week 7 – Traffic
Shadow a traffic specialist as they combine multiple sources of information into a concise traffic report for drivers all across the GTA. Every ten minutes on the ones.
Week 8 – Business
Get a crash course in commodities, currencies, and everything in between. Build a better business report as you learn to interpret the Bloomberg Terminal.

Assessment Weeks

Midway through your internship, you will be assessed as a potential candidate for the 680 Mentorship Program. Mentors will provide additional feedback and coaching on things like vocal delivery and effective writing techniques.

Free Weeks

For those students enrolled in a 10 week program, the last two weeks are designated as “free”. Free weeks can be spent in any department you might be interested in, or in areas you feel most likely to excel.

Shift schedule

Morning: 5am to 10am (weekends only)
Midday: 10am to 5pm
Evening: 5pm to 12am
Overnight: 10pm to 6am


Newsroom co-ordinator: Anne Lavrih
333 Bloor St. E. 2W
Toronto, ON
M4W 1G9

Apply now

*** No volunteers are accepted, only placements for school credit and graduation requirements ***

We’d like to review your writing. It’s a requirement. Please pick up a newspaper (or go online) and select three stories. Write two versions of each story (with different angles), thirty seconds in length (in BROADCAST style, not print – with emphasis on the lead line) and submit them in a single e-mail to Anne Lavrih. Please include a copy of your current resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, state the required number of hours for your internship, as it varies from school to school and which session you are interested in: spring, summer, fall or winter. Once you have e-mailed your documents, complete the form below letting us know, and tell us a little about why you are interested in interning with us.