680 NEWS in HD Radio

680 NEWS in HD Radio

What’s HD Radio?

You can now listen to 680 NEWS in high definition. Through our HD Radio station, we’re bringing you a digital signal over a traditional radio frequency.

Why HD Radio?

Never miss another word! With HD Radio, static, hiss and fuzzy reception is now a thing of the past. It means we can bring you breaking news, traffic and weather with clarity you’ve never experienced before.

How to get 680 NEWS in HD Radio:

  • Determine if you have HD radio. Not sure? Check your car manual or scan our list of car manufacturers below.
  • Tune your radio to the FM band and find KiSS 92.5
  • Switch to HD channel 2 — that’s where you’ll find 680 NEWS
  • Remember to add us to your presets — that’ll make it easy to listen to 680 NEWS in HD Radio whenever you get into the car!