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MUST-WATCH: Hunting monsters, human fish, and Rick and Morty enter the Top 10!

Last Updated Jun 26, 2021 at 7:43 pm EDT

Luca (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) enjoy a trip to Italy in Disney+ and Pixar's Luca. Courtesy of Disney+

Milla Jovovich hunting monsters is entering the MUST-WATCH Top 10 this week! But can it compete against the latest Pixar film or the newest season of Adult Swim’s Back to the Future homage? Lots of great stuff could take that top spot this week, keep reading to find out!

Monster Hunter

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video

Starting off with some intense action this week!

Monster Hunter is a new film from husband-and-wife duo Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich (the director and star of numerous Resident Evil films respectively). In this film, Jovovich plays a soldier who is transported from our Earth, to another world that’s very similar. There’s only one difference, which is that there are giant monsters roaming around the world. And they’re very hungry. Jovovich teams up with a local hunter (played by Tony Jaa from Furious 7 and Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior) to take down the monsters trying to enter the portal, and take over our world.

This film is available on Amazon Prime Video now!

Enfant Terrible

Streaming platform: VOD

Here’s a film about an incredibly famous artist you may not have heard of!

Enfant Terrible is a German biopic starring Oliver Masucci (from Netflix’s popular German show Dark) as famous filmmaker and actor Rainer Werner Fassbinder. One of Germany’s most respected filmmakers, Fassbinder was the living embodiment of ‘work hard, play hard.’ He made over 40 films and numerous tv shows and plays during his lifetime, but died at the age of 37 from a drug overdose. He was most well-known for international arthouse hits like Ali: Fear Eats the Soul and Berlin Alexanderplatz, but also made several films about gay and lesbian relationships, such as Fox and His Friends and The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant. He lived life in the fast lane and crashed hard, leaving behind a legacy as one of Germany’s greatest directors.

This film is available on Google Play!

Rick and Morty (Season 5)

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video

Wubba lubba dub dub!

The time travelling, space soaring, dimension hopping grandfather-and-son duo are back baby! The fifth season of Rick and Morty (both played by the show’s creator Justin Roiland) aired its first episode on Sunday night on Adult Swim! The show’s other creator Dan Harmon (also the creator of Community) is returning as Phoenixperson, and will also be playing Mr. Nimbus, a never before seen rival of Rick. There’s not much to be said about this season without spoiling it, but what we can say is this new season will includes guest stars like Timothy Olyphant (from Deadwood), Christina Ricci (from the Addams Family movies), and Alison Brie (also from Community).

If you have Adult Swim as part of your cable subscription, you can watch the show there every Sunday! If not, you can check it out on Amazon Prime Video with a StackTV subscription!

Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation

Streaming platform: Hot Docs

If you’re feeling like watching a documentary, we’ve got something very interesting for you!

Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation is a new documentary from Lisa Immordino Vreeland (who directed Love, Cecil and Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict). This film breaks down the ‘frenemies’ relationship between acclaimed gay authors Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Both frequently wrote literature that was adapted to film. Capote was most famous for classic novels and novellas like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, while Williams was well known for plays like The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire. The two were close friends, but both were jealous of the other’s success. This documentary breaks down their lifelong friendly rivalry, Jim Parsons (of the Big Bang Theory) playing the voice of Capote, and Zachary Quinto (from the new Star Trek films) playing the voice of Williams.

You can watch this film on Hot Docs!


Streaming platform: Disney+

Finally, one for the kids!

Luca is the latest film from animation powerhouse Pixar. It stars Jacob Tremblay (from Academy Award-winning Room and the non-Academy Award-winning Good Boys) and Jack Dylan Grazer (from It and Shazam!) as two fish living in the water near a small Italian town. They have the ability to leave the water, breathe the air, and take on human appearances. They decided to check out that nearby town, and enjoy life above the sea! Also starring Maya Rudolph (from Bridesmaids), Sacha Baron Cohen (from Borat) and comedian Jim Gaffigan (from the Jim Gaffigan Show), this is a heartfelt film sure to entertain you and gives you all those Pixar feels!

It’s available now on Disney+!


10. Bo Burnham: Inside – Netflix

9. Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation – Hot Docs

8. Lupin (Season 1, Part 2) – Netflix

7. In The Heights – VOD

6. Enfant Terrible – VOD

5. Monster Hunter – Amazon Prime Video

4. Rick and Morty (Season 5) – Amazon Prime Video

3. Loki – Disney+

2. Spiral: From the Book of Saw – VOD

1. Luca – Disney+

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