Weekend Business Features
Tax Relief - (January 1-3, 2021) Mike Eppel looks at how changes to the tax code in 2021 could help Canadians working from home with Rachel Gervais, Partner and GTA Tax Service Line Leader at BDO Canada. Dec 31, 2020, 05:00 PM
Unconventional Assets - (February 27-28, 2021) Richard Southern chats with Barry Schwartz, Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer at Baskin Wealth Management, about the unconventional assets that are piquing the interest of investors. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
EV Adoption - (February 27-28, 2021) Tim Dimopoulos looks at a new survey with Peter Hatges, Partner and National Automotive Sector Leader at KPMG Canada, which found the majority of Canadians planning to buy a vehicle over the next five years will likely choose an electrified one. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Star Stocks - (February 27-28, 2021) Mike Eppel takes a closer look at two of the hottest sectors of the pandemic economy: outdoor recreation equipment and indoor home fitness. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Big Bank Beat - (February 27-28, 2021) Mike Eppel looks at a strong first quarter for Canada's big banks with Robert Colangelo, Senior Vice-President of the Global Financial Institutions Group at DBRS Morningstar. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Anti-Budget - (February 27-28, 2021) Kris McCusker chats with personal finance educator and author Kelley Keehn about updating her latest book to reflect the pandemic and why she does not believe in budgets. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Digitally Vulnerable - (February 27-28, 2021) Kris McCusker finds out how Canadian seniors can become less vulnerable to online scams during the pandemic with David Masson, Director of Enterprise Security at Darktrace. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Tackling Misinformation - (February 27-28, 2021) Stuart McGinn speaks with psychology investigator and BEWorks CEO Kelly Peters about the psychological roadblocks affecting pandemic recovery. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
RRSP Deadline - (February 27-28, 2021) Mike Eppel chats with Jordan Damiani, Senior Wealth Advisor at Meridian Credit Union, about a flurry of last-minute RRSP contributions ahead of Monday's deadline for the 2020 tax year. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Fraud Prevention - (February 27-28, 2021) Stuart McGinn looks at a new survey with David Malamed, Forensic Accountant and Fraud Investigation Expert at CPA Canada, which found nearly two-thirds of Canadians are doing more to prevent themselves from being a victim of fraud than they were five years ago. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
COVID Clause - (February 27-28, 2021) Stuart McGinn chats with Alyssa Bach, Associate Lawyer at Shulman & Partners LLP, about a new clause that has been developed to help couples looking to separate during the pandemic. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Economic Empowerment - (February 27-28, 2021) Kris McCusker speaks with Jennifer Hargreaves, founder and CEO of tellent, about the new program the company is offering to help Canadian women get back into the workforce. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Mijaneaux Milestone - (February 27-28, 2021) Fil Martino chats with Mary Di Pede, owner of Mijaneaux, about what the clothing boutique has done to survive the pandemic as it celebrates a major milestone this year. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
Buttergate - (February 27-28, 2021) Richard Southern takes a closer look at the social media uproar over harder butter in Canada with Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Senior Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. Yesterday at 05:00 PM
7-Eleven Evolution - (February 20-21, 2021) Richard Southern takes a closer look at 7-Eleven's in-store alcohol plans with James Rilett, Vice-President of Central Canada for Restaurants Canada. Feb 19, 2021, 05:00 PM
Lala Hijabs - (February 20-21, 2021) Fil Martino chats with Sana and Will Saleh, owners of Lala Hijabs, about why the couple decided to start their business in the middle of the pandemic. Feb 19, 2021, 05:00 PM