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More people are hopping back on GO Trains, but not all are paying their fare

With more riders hopping back on the go train, Metrolinx is noticing a rise in people not paying their fares.

The transit agency says on average, the number of go transit riders who don’t pay their fares is around 3 percent, but recently that number has increased to 5.5 percent.

“I think it’s fair to say it’s taking some people a little while to get back into regular routines, which includes tapping on and off the trains with their PRESTO cards,” said Bill Grodzinski, GO Transit’s Chief Special Constable and Director of Transit Safety.


Metrolinx is reminding customers to check the balance of their presto cards ahead of time.

Starting September 5th, Metrolinx says service will be increasing to meet the expected demand from the return to school and work.