Weekend Business Features
Home Buyer Beware - (September 7-8, 2019) Carl Garnich puts the federal government's new incentive for first-time home buyers under the microscope with Robert McLister, Founder of RateSpy.com. Sep 06, 2019, 06:55 PM
Shelf Success - (December 5-6, 2020) Mike Eppel takes a closer look at a surge in demand for canned goods during the pandemic and where some stores are now putting alternative meat products. Today at 06:00 PM
Debt Management - (December 5-6, 2020) Mike Lloyd speaks with Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy, Director of Education and Community Awareness at the Credit Counselling Society, about a recent report, which found that two-thirds of Canadians are carrying debt other than a mortgage during the pandemic. Today at 06:00 PM
Making a Splash - (December 5-6, 2020) Fil Martino chats with Taylor Field, co-founder of Brokinis, about how the maker of the one shoulder swimsuit for men is doing during the pandemic after going viral in the summer. Today at 06:00 PM
Supercharged Spending - (December 5-6, 2020) Carl Garnich finds out how to supercharge online purchases ahead of the holidays with Mikael Castaldo, General Manager of Everyday Banking at Ratehub.ca. Today at 06:00 PM
Talent Crisis - (December 5-6, 2020) Kris McCusker and Kevin Spencer, Canada Manager for SAP SuccessFactors, look at a new study, which found that the pandemic is continuing to stress the need for upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling in the workplace. Today at 06:00 PM
Popular Properties - (December 5-6, 2020) Kris McCusker chats with Phil Soper, President and CEO at Royal LePage, who says demand for recreational properties remains strong as more Canadians work from home during the pandemic. Today at 06:00 PM
Purchase Preference - (December 5-6, 2020) Kris McCusker and Ryan Robinson, Automotive Research Leader at Deloitte, look at a new survey, which found that most Ontarians still want to physically purchase a vehicle at a dealership rather than virtually during the pandemic. Today at 06:00 PM
Shecession - (December 5-6, 2020) Carl Garnich finds out how companies can address the "shecession" caused by the pandemic with Jennifer Reynolds, President and CEO of Toronto Finance International. Today at 06:00 PM
Spending Savings - (November 28-29, 2020) Mike Eppel speaks with Kostya Polyakov, Partner and National Industry Leader for KPMG Canada's Consumer and Retail practice, who says we could be in for a terrific holiday shopping season if Canadians part ways with some of their pandemic savings. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Holiday Spending Plans - (November 28-29, 2020) Richard Dettman and Rebecca Oakes, Assistant Vice-President of Advanced Analytics at Equifax Canada, look at a new survey, which found that three out of five consumers say their holiday spending this year will be the same or more than last year. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Retail Restrictions - (November 28-29, 2020) Mike Eppel chats with Steve Freedman, owner of The Chesterfield Shop, who says the pandemic lockdowns in Toronto and Peel Region are making things even more difficult for retailers ahead of the holidays. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Workplace Skills - (November 28-29, 2020) Richard Dettman chats with Michael Burt, Vice-President at The Conference Board of Canada, about a new initiative that is putting greater emphasis on social and emotional skills in the workplace. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Vial to Vein - (November 28-29, 2020) As more progress is made on developing a COVID-19 vaccine, Mike Eppel chats with David Melia, Chief Strategic Officer at blueRover, about how the company is helping to ensure that vaccines are stored and maintained at the proper temperature. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Addressing Burnout - (November 28-29, 2020) Amanda Wawryk speaks with David Bolton, Metro Market Manager at Robert Half in Vancouver, about how Canadians can avoid burnout while working from home during the pandemic. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM
Auto Industry Opportunities - (November 28-29, 2020) Kris McCusker speaks with David Paterson, Vice-President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs with General Motors Canada, about how restarting the Oshawa plant is good for both the city and the country. Nov 27, 2020, 05:00 PM