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Ontario redesigns driver's licence cards to prevent fraud, identity theft

An image of the newly redesigned Ontario Driver's Licence, April 15, 2019. Image Credit: TWITTER/Jeff Yurek

The Ontario government says it will launch a redesigned driver’s licence this fall.

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek says the licence cards were last updated 12 years, and the industry standard is five to seven years to help combat fraud and identity theft.

The card design will shift from the current mix of blue and green to a look that is largely blue and white with the province’s redesigned trillium logo.

The government says the redesigned licence plates, which were unveiled last week, will be available in February 2020 after the current supply of plates is exhausted.

The province says it has resolved the problem that led to licence plates peeling and flaking and will now guarantee the plates for life.

Yurek says the plates will remain on both the front and back of vehicles across the province.

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So she’s Jane Doe..

April 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm

This redesign looks suspiciously like the first licence I got back in the 1980’s!! In fact, Dougie’s “new” licence plates also look like the ones we had on the family car back in 1971… and the slogan “a place to grow” is from 1967. Does anyone else here think the Dear Leader is having a mid-life crisis and is taking it out on all of us???

April 15, 2019 at 1:34 pm