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Toronto Hydro warns of higher than normal electricity bills this summer

A Hydro meter The Canadian Press Images/Graham Hughes

It’s been a hot summer so far and the forecast shows there is more of that on the way this weekend. That means there’s a good chance your air conditions will be working overtime.

Toronto Hydro says there’s a price to pay for staying cool, warning customers could see higher than normal electricity bills this summer.

The utility says hydro usage has already surpassed that of last summer.

Spokesperson Tori Gass says electricity consumption from the use of air conditioners can account for almost 50 per cent of your summer bill.

“We do know that when we see days when its going up over 30 degrees, which we’re heading into another stretch of that right now, that’s when electricity demand spikes and it’s all related back to air conditioning use.”

Some tips to consider to try and limit prolonged use of the air conditioner include closing your blinds during the day and setting the temperature to 26 C during the day and lowering it to 22 C during off-peak hours. That alone could end up saving you approximately $20 a month.