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Humber engineering student ‘stole the show’ with dance moves at convocation ceremony

Last Updated Jun 20, 2018 at 12:22 pm EST

After all those years of note taking, studying and staying up all night to cram for exams, graduation day can feel a bit anticlimactic.

Unless you’re Tuan Ngo.

The loose-jointed Mechanical Engineering student engineered some awe-inspiring dance moves when it was his turn to collect his hard-earned diploma.

Humber College tweeted out video of Ngo (aka Jerry) dancing up a storm at last Friday’s convocation ceremony, saying that he “stole the show.”

When his name was called, Ngo exhibited some 80s break-dance moves, and followed them up with a Usain Bolt-worthy dab.

He also greeted Humber’s President Chris Whitaker with a bear hug before dancing off the stage, diploma in hand.

Associate Dean of Engineering Vincent Shaikh gave “Jerry” some props on Twitter, saying the school would miss his “energy and enthusiasm.”