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Police use blanket to rescue man from sinkhole at Sudbury, Ont., home

Last Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 2:40 pm EDT

SUDBURY, Ont. – Police say a 55-year-old Sudbury, Ont., man is in hospital after being rescued from a sinkhole.

Spokeswoman Kaitlyn Dunn says police got a call late Wednesday morning about a homeowner looking at a hole in the ground by his fence when the ground gave way and he fell in.

Dunn says when officers arrived, they found the man was being crushed as soil in the hole shifted.

She says officers found a blanket, extended it down the hole to the man and were able to pull him to safety.

Dunn says the man was in hospital being treated for undetermined injuries.

She says city workers have stabilized the sinkhole.