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Mayor Tory surveys Woodbine beach flooding

Last Updated May 6, 2017 at 11:30 pm EDT

Mayor John Tory took a long walk on Woodbine Beach on Saturday morning in less than pleasant circumstances.

The mayor was on site to inspect the waterlogged area and toured the beach to survey the extent of the damage.

Tory said the flooding has little to do with the heavy rainfall over the past few days and is a result of rising lake levels, wind and wave action.

Waterfront Parks Manager James Dann confirmed that levels have not been this high since 1974. According to Toronto Region Conservation authority (TRCA), water levels will likely continue to rise over the next month.

Tory added that attempts were made in recent days to create barriers by moving sand with heavy equipment in order to protect the beaches, but the efforts were washed away overnight. He added not much more can be done to control the natural phenomenon.

Large parts of the area are submerged, including several volleyball courts, effectively reducing the size of the beach. Tory said the fireworks on Victoria Day weekend might be a casualty of the “temporary lake” that has formed, but it’s not possible to predict that just yet.

Meanwhile, residents continue their efforts to protect their homes on Toronto Island, sandbagging areas that might be prone to flooding. Tory said he’s been informed that the winds have shifted, causing water to accumulate on the low-lying areas.

There are no reports of any significant damage to homes on the island.