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Toronto police stop rollout of new, grey police cars

Last Updated Nov 11, 2016 at 1:18 pm EDT

The rollout of the new Toronto Police cruisers have been halted. They have a grey base colour and prominent decals in white. TWITTER/@marksaunderstps

Toronto Police Service are halting rollout of the new police cars following public feedback.

CityNews first reported back in September on the drastic stealth-like makeover of the new cruisers. The writing “Toronto Police,” the TPS logo and the service’s motto “to serve & protect” are decaled in a dark colour that blends into the vehicle. That is in stark contrast to the current cars being phased out, which are bright white with a blue and red stripe across the side.

Police chief Mark Saunders says the concern expressed through numerous town halls over the last few months about the new-look cars convinced him that further work is necessary.

“The new look of our police cars has come up often,” Saunders said in a statement. “There are people who like them. There are people who don’t like them.”

Saunders says they won’t be ordering any more of the new grey cars and further opportunities for consultation will be set up before making a final decision.

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Note: The image on this story has been corrected. Two weeks after the CityNews exclusive investigation on Sept. 7, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders tweeted a video of the official new Toronto Police cruisers on Sept. 20. The cruisers have been updated with more prominent decals in white but have the same grey base colour. That is now the photo being used in this story.