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City council to debate Norm Kelly's motion calling for 911 texting

Last Updated Jul 12, 2016 at 12:35 pm EDT

Councillor Norm Kelly is affectionately known as “dad” for his fun-loving ways on social media, but that playful persona includes a protective, paternal instinct.

Kelly has introduced a motion for 911 texting to be adopted in Toronto.

Council will vote on the motion, seconded by Coun. Justin J. Di Ciano, on Tuesday.

The motion cites the Orlando massacre as an example of a situation where 911 texting could have saved lives.

“There are situations in which making voice calls would attract unwanted attention and texting would provide a safe alternative,” Kelly’s motion reads.

It goes on to remind council that the technology is currently available to people with hearing and speech impairments.

Kelly believes it should be at everyone’s disposal.

“A more broad application of this technology should be looked at,” the motion concludes.