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680 NEWS in HD Radio

Last Updated Jul 6, 2016 at 11:41 am EDT

What’s HD Radio?

You can now listen to 680 NEWS in high definition. Through our HD Radio station, we’re bringing you a digital signal over a traditional radio frequency.

Why HD Radio?

Never miss another word! With HD Radio, static, hiss and fuzzy reception is now a thing of the past. It means we can bring you breaking news, traffic and weather with clarity you’ve never experienced before.

How to get 680 NEWS in HD Radio:

  • Determine if you have HD radio. Not sure? Check your car manual or scan our list of car manufacturers below.
  • Tune your radio to the FM band and find KiSS 92.5
  • Switch to HD channel 2 — that’s where you’ll find 680 NEWS
  • Remember to add us to your presets — that’ll make it easy to listen to 680 NEWS in HD Radio whenever you get into the car!