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Maclean’s on the Hill: Thomas Mulcair on his future, a CPC leadership candidate & Panama papers

Cormac MacSweeney, 680News

Each Week our Parliament Hill Reporter Cormac Mac Sweeney sits down with the Maclean’s Ottawa Bureau to interview some of the key political players over the last week in politics.


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On this week’s show…

It’s decision time for the NDP, and Thomas Mulcair’s job as leader is on the line. The party will hold a mandatory leadership review at this weekend’s convention in Edmonton. Thomas Mulcair joins the show to discuss his leadership and repairing the party.

The Conservatives have their first official candidates for the leadership race to replace Stephen Harper. The first to file their papers was Ontario MP Kellie Leitch, followed by Quebec’s Maxime Bernier. Bernier calls in to discuss his vision for the party and explain why he’s open to marijuana legalization.

A leak of documents from a law firm in Panama has exposed the off-shore accounts of politicians, celebrities and the global elite. The scandal has sparked headlines around the world and forced the resignation of at least one world leader. We speak about the panama papers with a tax and fraud expert.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer was a thorn in the side of the Conservative government, and now the Liberals understand some of that pain. A new report from the PBO says the Trudeau government’s first budget lacks transparency, inflates job creation numbers and its fiscal projections can’t be trusted. The Assistant PBO is here to explain what problems he sees in the fiscal plan.