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Flashback Friday: A history of Blue Jays songs, official and very unofficial

Toronto Blue Jays' Devon Travis celebrates in the dugout after hitting a solo home run during the seventh inning of the baseball game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Monday, April 6, 2015 in New York. The Blue Jays defeated the Yankees 6-1. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Sing it with me:


Blue Jays! Blue Jays!

Let’s! Play! Ball!

The seventh-inning song about our beloved boys in blue has been a staple at every Jays game since the 80s, but did you know it wasn’t the original anthem?

Take a listen to the original 1977 Blue Jays theme song:
(Warning: may cause dancing in your seat)

It isn’t quite as audience participation friendly as OK Blue Jays, but is still an energetic tune.

But even the 1983 classic has had a facelift. In 2003 the Keith Hampshire and the Bat Boys song was remixed by Rob Wells and Chris Anderson into what to hear at the ballpark today.

And in 2013 Metric’s ‘Stadium Love’ became the official theme as the Jays marked two decades since their last World Series win.

But it’s not just at the Rogers Centre where you can find Jays music.

In the 90s, three albums were released, filled with songs dedicated to the Jays.

Here’s a track from one of the albums:

Over the last 38 years the Blue Jays have inspired several songs – some fan-made anthems are worthy of praise, while some are just good for a laugh.

Then there was “The Ballad of Jesse and George” by 680 NEWS sportscaster (and former Citytv personality) Peter Gross about Jesse Barfield and George Bell.

Now lets all get out there and cheer on those Jays!