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TTC's new streetcars fraught with mechanical problems: report

Last Updated May 13, 2015 at 8:20 am EDT

The TTC's new streetcars feature low floors, air conditioning and double the capacity of the older vehicles. HANDOUT/TTC

The first vehicles of the new $1.2-billion dollar streetcar fleet from Bombardier were so poorly manufactured the TTC wouldn’t accept them, fearing they’d break down, TTC CEO Andy Byford tells the Toronto Star.

There should have been about 50 of the new Bombardier-built streetcars on Toronto streets by now, but there are only five, the Star reports.

The problems include laminate not adhering to parts and under-frames that have been badly out of alignment.

Bombardier is addressing the problem and 30 of the new cars are expected to be running on the Harbourfront, Bathurst and Spadina Lines by the end of this year.

All 204 cars are still expected to be delivered by 2019.