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Raccoon-resistant green bin coming to Peel Region

A new green bin prototype touted as being able to keep raccoons and other pesky rodents out is coming to Peel Region at the end of 2015.

Paul Palazzo of IPL, the firm that developed the bin, says the new model is larger than the current bin and it also comes with a locking device.

“It’s a 100-litre bin and (the) gravity lock allows us to open and close the bin automatically and prevents raccoons or other rodents from coming in and turning it,” he explained.

“For you to open the lid, you need to turn it 180 degrees and the lid opens.”

The developers of the green bin set up a camera for 48 hours to prove how difficult it is for raccoons to break into the new bin.

“There is nothing 100 per cent (effective), but we’ve done some studies and some videos … and (raccoons) aren’t able to (open) it and they jump off and go away.”

Dan Labrecque, commissioner of public works in Peel Region, says the green bin purchase is part of an order of almost a million total carts — which includes recycling and garbage pails — with a total cost of around $46 million.

As for Toronto residents getting this exact bin in the future, IPL says their model was eliminated from the city’s current RFP, or bidding process.

The City of Toronto declined to comment on the IPL bins.

“The city must decline to comment because Toronto is still conducting a RFP process for its ‘next generation’ green bin, and as such, the city is in a ‘blackout period’ until the process is completed,” Pat Barrett, Toronto’s senior communications coordinator, told CityNews.