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Tory gets endorsements from several Etobicoke politicians

Mayoral candidate John Tory received endorsements from several Etobicoke-based politicians in the heart of Ford Nation.

Tory picked up support from Conservative MP Bernard Trottier and Liberal MPP Peter Milczyn as well as city councillors Gloria Lindsay-Luby, and James Maloney.

Meanwhile, Olivia Chow has demanded that Tory retract a statement he made during Friday night’s debate that he had not donated to Doug Ford’s 2010 election campaign.

City records show that Tory contributed $300 to Ford’s campaign four years ago.

On Saturday Tory acknowledged his mistake to the media.

“If I made a mistake in who I donated to four years ago then I certainly would retract any mistake that I made,” Tory stated. “In the end, you have to really ask yourself why this matters. I mean shouldn’t we be talking about getting transit built, getting some jobs to Toronto, providing positive direction at city council. Those are the issues that I’m really interested in.”

Tory isn’t the only one getting support from other levels of government.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has praised Chow’s plan to create jobs for young people.