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Ontario Liberals out front in 2 new polls ahead of election

Two new polls suggest the provincial Liberals have the momentum with the provincial election now just three weeks away.

While one poll asks Ontarians who they think would make the best premier, the other looks at the leaders’ popular support.

In an Abacus Data poll published on the Toronto Sun’s website on Wednesday, it found that 26 per cent of those polled said Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne would make the best premier.

Twenty per cent of respondents thought Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak would make the best premier, while NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was third at 18 per cent.

According to the poll, Wynne was viewed as “more honest than the average politician.” Also, 40 per cent of respondents thought Wynne would make a better premier than Dalton McGuinty.

A second poll — conducted by Forum Research and published in the Thursday’s Toronto Star — found Wynne’s Liberals have 41 per cent of popular support, compared to 34 per cent for Hudak. Horwath came in third at 20 per cent, followed by the Green Party at four per cent.

In last week’s Forum poll published in the Toronto Star, the Liberals received 38 per cent of voter support, while the Tories were at 25 per cent. The NDP trailed at 21 per cent with the Greens at five per cent.

Ontarians head to the polls on June 12.