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Commute smart: 680News launches new traffic app for smartphones

At 680News, we’re serious about traffic. Today, we’re excited to tell you about a new service that adds to that commitment: the 680News Traffic app for iPhone and Android.

The 680News Traffic App makes driving in and around Toronto faster and easier by putting on-demand traffic advice in the palm of your hand. The app uses numerous sources – including government data, traffic cameras and submissions from users — to provide real-time monitoring of traffic routes as you drive and recommend alternates via hands-free audio alerts.

The 680News traffic app is available for free for iPhone and Android devices. Download it now at the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also get it by tapping “traffic” in 680News app.

“Traffic in this city can be extremely frustrating,” said Scott Metcalfe, news director at 680News. “Whether it’s construction on the Gardiner, a crash on the 401 or issues on local streets this new app is a perfect companion to our on-air traffic reports every 10 minutes on the 1s.”

Richard Bloom, director of digital at 680News said: “Longer commuting times affect us all. Getting to work more easily can make for a less-stressful day; a bad drive home can mean the difference between eating dinner with your kids and not even making it home for their bedtime.

“We think this app is a must-have for every connected driver in the GTA,” he said.

According to recent data released by the University of Waterloo for the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario commute times jumped 12 per cent between 1994 and 2010 – from an average of 47.1 minutes to 53.5 minutes.

However, the numbers are substantially higher for those in Toronto. The study finds that residents of Toronto now spend an average of 65.6 minutes each day commuting – the most of any area in the province. Oshawa residents are is the No. 2 spot at 63.6 minutes while Barrie residents spend 59.2 minutes getting back and forth to work, the study finds.

Here’s an overview of the new 680News Traffic app:
• Hands-free audio traffic reporting
• Monitors traffic along your route as you drive
• Save your most-used routes, destinations, or use the default favourite community destinations
• Set up daily traffic push notifications before you leave home, work, or school
• Receive push notifications of major traffic incidents that affect the entire GTA
• Help other commuters by reporting traffic to the 680News traffic centre and we’ll use your information to update others on the road.

For more information on the app or the other 680News mobile apps, go to 680News.com/mobile.