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TTC veteran employee posts bitter rant on YouTube

A TTC sign illuminated in the night sky. Aaron Miller/CITYNEWS

A long-time TTC employee has posted a bitter video on YouTube complaining about not getting any recognition on his last day on the job ahead of his retirement.

Ron Mitchell said he worked for the TTC for 30 years and nine months. He posted the nearly four-minute video on his last day on Jan. 4.

During the video, he’s walking through the TTC Greenwood complex and shows that he’s the only one there.

“This is my last day on the job and there’s not a soul here … absolutely nobody. This is what it’s like working for the TTC after 31 years.”

However, TTC spokesman Brad Ross told 680News that it was a miscommunication between Mitchell and his supervisor.

“Yes, we knew he was retiring. With respect to having a reception or a gathering of his colleagues, a date and time just didn’t happen. It fell through the cracks, to be perfectly blunt,” Ross explained.

According to Ross, there would have typically been an informal on-the-job reception.

“That is something that clearly he would have liked to have had and should have happened for him but didn’t. We’re trying to make that right any way we can,” Ross added.

The video ends with Mitchell tossing his hardhat and work boots into a garbage bin.

Mitchell has posted a follow-up comment on YouTube saying he has received a heartfelt apology from the TTC and that he has accepted it.