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Synthetic pot on Toronto police radar

TORONTO, Ont. – Police have their eye on the Izms – a synthetic, chemical designer drug which mimics the effects of marijuana – is being sold online and in convenience stores in the GTA.

The Izms, which has been on Toronto Police radar since April, are a designer drug which is packaged like candy and sell for between $10 and $20 per package.

“What concerned us is that we had seen packages that were being sold in places like convenience stores that really – for all intents and purposes – were being marketed almost like a candy,” Constable Victor Kwong told CityNews.

“Really, any kid could go in and buy it, or if they found it at home or at friends, it would attract them as if it was candy. It is a product that will get them high.”

Recently, police conducted a raid at a downtown convenience store where supplies of Izms were seized. The drug has also been seized at other stores across the GTA.

Meanwhile, the man behind the ‘Izsms’ says there is nothing illegal in his product and has denied that it’s being marketed to children.

“Synthetic cannabinoids are just compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors,” Izms CEO Adam Wookey told CityNews, adding that his product is safer than going skiing on taking Tylenol.

Wookey, who 10 years ago served time in prison for cocaine trafficking, said he wants to work with and be open to police.

He told CityNews that recent charges against him involving marijuana and ecstasy were dropped.

Although the Izms does not contain actual cannabis, Health Canada says it’s fair game for the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The product has been linked to brain and lung damage in the U.S., where there are also reports of some teenagers showing up at hospitals with chest pains after using the product.

Izms have been banned in some U.S. states.