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Workers protest minimum wage freeze Saturday across the province

Workers across the province will “turn up the heat” Saturday on the minimum wage freeze.

They’re taking action against corporate lobby groups that oppose a $14 minimum wage – in particular the Retail Council of Canada and the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association.

“Corporations with over 500 employees are the largest source of poverty-level wages, employing nearly half of all minimum wage workers in Ontario,” said Christy Knockelby of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty.

Minimum wage in the province has been frozen at $10.25 for the past three years, and the campaign to raise the minimum wage is pushing Premier Kathleen Wynne to raise the wage so it will bring workers 10% above the poverty line.

Locally, over 50 people have signed up for the $14 minimum wage festival outside Toys ‘R Us Saturday afternoon at Dufferin Mall.

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