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CNE officially opens for 135th year

TORONTO – The 135th edition of the Canadian National Exhibition kicked off, Friday, featuring heart-stopping rides and stunts, combined with deep-fried treats.

Crazy fair fare like fried Coca-Cola or the “Cronut Burger,” a chairlift that gives riders a view of Lake Ontario, and the Flying Wallendas, are some of the offerings at this year’s CNE.

Marked as the unofficial end of summer, the CNE opened at 10 a.m. It runs until Sept. 2.

New on the menu this year is the “Cronut Burger” — an all-beef patty sandwiched in between the infamous croissant and doughnut hybrid with cheddar cheese and a homemade maple bacon jam — that is sure to wow a few taste buds at the fair.

If the greasy treats aren’t for you, the food building will host some of North America’s top chefs including Michael Smith, David Rocco and Anna Olson who are cooking up treats for those with a more mature palate.

For some, the CNE is about the adrenaline-pumping midway with plenty of rides and rollercoasters for all ages to enjoy.

This year, fair-goers can fly across the midway on a zip-line.

“My favourite is when you have a guest so scared they’re laughing or crying and then by the end of it, they’re flipping upside down and they just come off afterward absolutely pumped,” a zip-line operator told 680News.

The zipline ride costs $20 on opening day, Friday, and $30 thereafter.

Or you can leave the heights to the Flying Wallendas who are appearing at the CNE for the first time since 1966.

Tito Wallenda has been walking the tight rope for 55 years.

“It has the habit of kind of taking people’s breath away when they see it in person,” he said.

For the children, the CNE’s Kids’ World can keep them busy with a petting zoo, child-friendly rides and on-stage entertainment.

The CNE also has a large lineup of musicians and artists from around the world set to perform inside the exhibition’s bandshell. Past musicians include The Guess Who and Joni Mitchell.

As always, keep your eyes on the sky as the 64th annual Canadian International Air Show soars over Lake Ontario during the Labour Day weekend.

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