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Kick off to summer: plans for kids, vacations without spouses

With Canada Day being the unofficial start of summer, some parents already have their children’s calendar jam-packed with plenty of activities or summer camp.

Others plan to let their kids fill their own time as they wish, but experts are split on the benefits of going entirely one way or the other.

Some tell the Globe and Mail, Friday, that a structured summer vacation makes the transition easier when they return to school in the fall, while introducing kids to new skills and experiencing.

However, other experts say giving children their freedom in the summer allows them to discover their own interests, lets them spend more time outside and gives them a chance to develop independence.

A professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) warns that in some families, not having a schedule means too much time spent in front of the couch.

Meantime, whether or not the kids are keeping busy, a new survey finds a lot of married couples want to spend their summer vacation away from their significant others.

A British survey for Hilton said 60 per cent of respondents wanted to get away from their families, with women wanting to spend their down time at the spa, out shopping or on the beach, while men preferred a sports-oriented vacation.