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Jimmy Kimmel mentions Mayor Rob Ford camera collision

TORONTO – A short video of Mayor Rob Ford colliding with a CityNews cameraman has gained international attention, with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mentioning the crash on his program on Tuesday night.

“Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had an unfortunate incident,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch Kimmel video


“A cameraman went in for a tighter close-up than usual.”

He then showed the video of Ford bumping into the camera while speaking to reporters about the casino debate on Monday. The cameraman was pinned against a wall and could not move.

Watch CityNews video

“Ah, f–man. Holy Christ,” Ford swore after he hit his head.

“Holy. Have some respect. You just hit me in the face with a camera.”

Kimmel joked that Ford will be fine, as he “has free health care.”