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Firing Stintz from TTC board won't be that easy

TTC chair Karen Stintz (2011)

TORONTO, Ont. – Mayor Rob Ford may think the better way to run the TTC in the future is without its chair Karen Stintz, but it appears that’s not going to happen.

As it turns out under the current rules, it may be that only city council has the power remove Stintz from her post, and that’s because of rule changes supported by the mayor and his executive.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong told 680News that the changes were made last spring.

“The decision of council, from my understanding, is [that] the appointment of chairs and the TTC chair is done by council. It is silent on the removal of the chairs, but there is an opinion inferred in that is if the appointment is done by council, the removal must also be done by council,” Denzil Minnan-Wong said.

Given that the majority of council supported her in the so-called “transit coup,” it is unlikely the majority of council will want to dump her.

Stinz told CityNews, “the mayor will still continue to explore ways of financing Sheppard, and I have no intention of resigning.”

She told The Globe and Mail that despite the buzz, she has no intention of running for mayor against Ford.

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