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Acton street named after KiSS 92.5 morning show host, Roz Weston

ACTON, Ont. – There was a celebration in the town of Acton today, as KiSS 92.5 morning show host Roz Weston had a street named after him.

Mocha, who is Roz’s co-host on KiSS 92.5 told 680News that the big unveiling happened on Saturday at the Acton Fall Fair.

Weston told 680News that it was an honour to receive a street named after him. He said it started as just a joke.

“This gave me a chance to talk to a million people on the radio show about the love for the town that I grew up in,” said Weston.

Weston ended up getting an alleyway that connects the Tim Horton’s to the Beer Store, named after him.

Weston laughed and joked as he told 680News, “There are a lot of puddles, a lot of mud and a dumpster which realistically is better and cooler than anything I could of possibly have ever asked for.”