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TTC launches first of new generation subway cars Thursday

TORONTO, Ont. – It’s a surprise to many as they ride along the Yonge-University-Spadina line Thursday – a futuristic, sleek looking, magnificent piece of metal.

The first of the new generation subway trains was put in service Thursday. The revamped cars are designed to improve the transit experience for commuters.

The train began running from Downsview station in the morning, and will run along the line through the entire day, making all the regular stops along the Yonge-University-Spadina line.

Despite the noise of the vehicle riding the rails, station announcements come across clearly, and for those with headphones on, there’s another easy way to locate each stop.

“I love the little panel where it shows you where you are – easy for someone who’s not too familiar with the city,” said Debra from Mississauga, one of the first to hop on board. “I think that’s a great improvement.”

The allure of the new trains even had Yuri shut off his iPod to take a look.

“You can walk through one end of the train to another,” he laughed. “It’s really good, I like it!”

This was the feature which impressed others the most as well.

“I like to look up there and see way over there!” Rose told 680News.

“I have to get off at a station where the exit is at this end of the train, and I was able to walk right through,” said Ben.

“I like it better ’cause you can walk through the cars, and there’s a wider space so you can hold more people,” agreed 8-year-old Max, a train fanatic.

Unfortunately, not everyone was impressed. Louie, a 10-year-old train fanatic, said it made him nostalgic.

“I’d prefer an older one ’cause the seats are better. They’re like the comfortable seats.”

Kelun, who stands at 6’4”, wasn’t a fan of the way AC units are positioned overhead.

“Almost bumped my head into it when I [was coming] in,” he told 680News. “It’s a bit too low.”

This train is one of 70 others which will be added to the line in the coming months.

Federal, provincial and city governments have spent $700 million on the new trains.

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