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Ford ends personal vehicle tax

TORONTO, On. – Starting today, Toronto drivers will no longer be slapped with a $60 personal vehicle tax.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford officially marked the repeal of the personal vehicle tax at a ceremony Saturday morning.

Ford stood in front of a license plate that said, ‘No Car Tax” to announce the end of the $60 fee at a Chrysler dealership on Front Street.

“We’ve put $64-million back in the pockets of the taxpayers of this great city,” Ford said.

He said revenue from the personal vehicle tax was never used, and explained that it was suppose to go towards road repair, but he never saw the improvements.

During his successful campaign for mayor, Ford promised to eliminate the $60 tax, and it was one of his first items of business when Toronto’s new city council met.

The city began charging the tax on Sept. 1, 2008, but the new city council eliminated it at its first full meeting on Dec. 16 of last year.

Vehicle owners who purchased a two-year renewal last year will receive a refund for this year.

There is another tax the mayor wants to axe.

Asked if he had any second thoughts about trying to abolish the 5-cent bag fee, Ford told 680News he did not.

“Public doesn’t want it. A lot of these people don’t want it,” Ford said.

Even if council votes to kill the bag tax, stores could still charge customers a fee.