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2010 could be the warmest on record for Canada

TORONTO, Ont. – Could the unprecedented string of extreme heat alerts last summer be a sign of things to come?

Canada was singled out at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico. The World Meteorological Organization said 2010 is on track to be Canada’s warmest year ever and one of the hottest this planet has ever experienced.

The UN weather agency warned global warming is hitting Canada harder than most other parts of the world.

“It had more than 25 days when the temperature climbed above 30 degrees. The normal is about 14 [days], and so certainly that’s significant,” 680News meteorologist Jill Taylor said.

Scientists said Canada’s winter was the driest ever, pointing to the Vancouver Olympics.

Globally, experts said this will likely rank among the three hottest years ever, saying man-made pollution is trapping heat in the atmosphere.