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Queen's Park goes under the microscope with latest Auditor General report

The latest report from Ontario’s Auditor General has highlighted wasteful spending, widespread mismanagement and questionable contracts.

Jim McCarter’s annual report found that Ontario does a poor job of determining who is eligible for welfare and disability supports. Last year, Queen’s Park overpaid those supports by $1.2-billion and has only made minimal efforts to get that money back.  

P.C. leader Tim Hudak has called this another example of bad Liberal leadership.

“In everyone of those dollars that has gone out in welfare abuse or fraud is a dollar that could’ve gone to help those who truly need it or as a break to Ontario taxpayers who foot the bill.”

Another highlight of the report included lax infrastructure inspections. According to the report, 2,000 bridges – many along Hwy. 401 – have not been checked for at least three years. Currently, 180 bridges are in need of critical repair.

McCarter’s report also found drivers were being overcharged when they renewed their licenses or plates at electronic kiosks, which he said should not be happening because the government should offer discounts for services delivered electronically.