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Financial Week 2014 RSS

  • GICs and how they fit into your retirement plans

    Richard Southern

    There are few guarantees in life … but GICs are one of them. Business reporter Richard Southern takes a look at a safe investment option that can fit into your retirement savings plan.

  • How much money you’ll need to retire

    Mike Eppel

    Do you know how much money you’ll need for retirement? A higher percentage of Canadians apparently don’t. Senior business editor Mike Eppel reports on getting a handle on your future goals.

  • How to budget 101

    Brock Hunter

    Figuring out how much money to save might start with figuring out how much money you’re actually spending on a monthly basis. Business reporter Brock Hunter explores the use of credit and how budgeting makes life much easier.

  • Top 3 retirement savings tips for everyone at any time

    Richard Southern

    With the RRSP contribution deadline just around the corner, many are turning their attention to retirement planning. Business reporter Richard Southern is looking at the best ways to prepare.

  • How to take advantage of low-interest loans to contribute to RRSPs

    Mike Eppel

    With the approaching March 3 RRSP deadline, many Canadians lament about not having the cash to make their last-minute contribution to retirement savings. Mike Eppel looks at a strategy to take advantage of low-interest rates.

  • Tax Free Savings Accounts explained

    Richard Southern

    Tax Free Savings Accounts have become a popular way for Canadians to save, but are we using the accounts correctly? Richard Southern reports that many may be missing out by putting just cash in their TFSAs.

  • Stock photo of a piggy bank. THINKSTOCK PHOTO.

    How to pay down debt and save for retirement at the same time

    Kris McCusker

    Many of us struggle to pick one financial goal: pay down debt or save for retirement. As business reporter Kris McCusker tells us, you can do both.

  • RRSP

    Tips for contributing to your RSP

    James Munroe

    This year’s deadline to put money into your Registered Retirement Savings Plan is Monday March 3. Mike Eppel looks at some ideas to simplify what for some is an overwhelming issue.

  • How to avoid debt later in life

    James Munroe

    It seems Canadians are getting the message about saving more for retirement and planning for higher interest rates. Business reporter James Munroe reports that Canadians are getting the message about too much debt and what’s going to be needed, later in life.

  • Tips for saving for retirement

    Brock Hunter

    Saving money for you retirement takes some effort. It depends though, how much effort you want to put into the exercise to determine what’s the best course of action. Senior business editor Mike Eppel talks to a Wall Street veteran about the frustrations and strategies for long-term wealth.